What is Dirty Discounts?

Dirty Discounts offers you subscriptions to porn pay sites at a much lower cost than you would find on the sites themselves.

The price on the pay site is different to one Dirty Discounts advertises. Can I still get the discount?

If you’ve visited that particular pay site previously,  it’s possible your browser holds a cookie that’s  not allowing you to take advantage of the discounted price. For this reason it’s best to use incognito mode in Chrome, or private browsing in Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you are still experiencing issues after this, email us and we will look into it for you.
To start a web browser in private browsing mode, you can use keyboard shortcuts or menu commands as following, P for porn or N for naughty!:

  • Internet Explorer: Press Ctrl/Command +Shift+P keys together or select “InPrivate Browsing” from Tools menu
  • Mozilla Firefox: Press Ctrl/Command +Shift+P keys together or select “Start Private Browsing” from Tools menu
  • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl/Command +Shift+N keys together or select “New incognito window” using Wrench icon
  • Opera: Press Ctrl/Command +Shift+N keys together or select “New Private Tab” from Tabs and Windows menu
  • In Safari you have to select Private Browsing from the Safari menu
How often are the sites featured on Dirty Discounts updated?

We give in depth reviews of all sites available through us, including information on how much content they hold and how often they update it. Just click on the link to your preferred site to find out more.

How do I know that the reviews posted are honest, and not just an attempt to make a profit??

Whilst Dirty Discounts does receive a small profit from every subscription made through us, it is in our best interest to be truthful about the quality of sites we provide discounts on as we expect satisfied customers who return and also recommend us to their friends. Visitors to Dirty Discounts can even post their comments about pay sites, which will affect their overall rating.

When I subscribe to any site, can I access it immediately?

Yes. It’s exactly the same as buying a subscription through the pay site itself, only at a much cheaper price.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Each pay site provides a cancellation link that means stopping your subscription should be simple. But if you are having issues finding this link, just email us and we’ll assist you.

The site I want to subscribe to is not currently on Dirty Discounts. Is it possible I could still receive a discount?

Just email us the details of your preferred site and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Do I need a code to receive any of the discounts advertised on this site?

No, all the prices advertised on Dirty Discounts are available to all customers who join through our site.

If there are issues with the quality of the videos on the site I have subscribed to, do I contact them or Dirty Discounts?

Every site has their own support team who you can email if such issues should arise, but we are also happy to help if you wish to contact us.